Read About Aral Chemical Industry:

Aral Chemical Inc. , over almost a decade of experience, provide specialized detergents and disinfectants of industries formulated based on peracetic acid. According to vast applications of peracetic acid in diverse industries, Aral Chemical Industry particularly focus on producing this product.

Aral Chemical Inc. -under 1040 Europe standards-maintaining the manufacturing license, holding the Sib Health badge granted by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), having the membership of virtual Business Union, owning the trust symbol of online business trade and safe payment gateway, is ready to provide service to industries and factories. Find us for the best quality and the best price peracetic acid. The products of this company are colorless and they have a sharp vinegar odor. Prepared products are ready to use after the analysis of experiments and quality control tests. Produced peracetic acid (peroxidin) ranges between 15% and 32% based on various customers’ requests and requirements.